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10 day challenge

create a family media plan

by November 15, 2020



1. As a Family, Create a plan

Option 1: Standard

Option 2: Personalize

2. Print Family Media Plan

3. Print cover Sheet 

4. Post in common area

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print Here

I'm Mindy.

I'm a wife and a mom devoted to my faith and family. Just like you, I worry about how to keep those that I love safe. For almost two decades I've witnessed the effects of  pornography in the lives of individuals and families. I've seen the wake of destruction and pain. It's been heartbreaking. These experiences have deepened my compassion and driven me to learn all that I can to help and protect those that I love. I’ve found confidence as I’ve discovered how to combat pornography and respond to any situation. I am here to share with you step by step all that I have learned, so that you can have the same confidence!

Let’s fight this together.

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